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This user is an administrator of OneShot Wiki. Administrators are trusted users with privileges to:
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  • Grant and revoke Discussions Moderator rights
  • Edit the wiki's theme, CSS, JavaScript and MediaWiki pages

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KockaAdmiralac's wikis (full list)
Name Rights Joined Status
Undertale Wiki Administrator 04/12/2015 Active
OFF Wiki Administrator 23/01/2016 Semi-active
Kocka Wiki Founder 02/02/2016 Active
Fandom Developers Wiki Administrator 07/03/2016 Active
Community Central - 14/03/2016 Active
Cave Story Wiki Administrator 13/06/2016 Active
Undertale Yellow Wiki Bureaucrat 05/12/2016 Semi-active
OneShot Wiki Bureaucrat 27/06/2017 Active
Heartbound Wiki Administrator 15/10/2017 Active
Deltarune Wiki Administrator 31/10/2018 Active
Wikia Language Brigade - 17/02/2016 Semi-active

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