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This template is used as a metatemplate for other notice templates.


Parameter Description
class Class to be added to the notice table and used through the sitewide CSS.
image Filename of the image in the notice
imagesize Size of the image, in pixels.
imagewidth Width of the image column, in percent.
title Quote in the notice title.
titlecolor Color of the title text
titlesize Size of the title font, in percent.
body Contents of the notice body.
bodycolor Color of the body text. By default set to white.
bodysize Size of the body font, in percent.

Sample output

{{Notice}} gives...

Niko.png “Insert creative quote here”
Woah, something.
|class      = delete
|image      = Start point.png
|imagesize  = 100
|imagewidth = 10
|title      = This isn't an actual in-game quote
|titlecolor = red
|titlesize  = 150
|body       = Example text.
|bodycolor  = green
|bodysize   = 50


Start point.png “This isn't an actual in-game quote”
Example text.

See also

Category:Notice templates for usage examples.