This template is used as an information box on the Developers page for showing information about OneShot developers.


Parameter Description
name Name of the developer
image Images representing the developer
caption Caption below the image
aliases Developer's aliases.
age Age of the developer, if known
location Location of the developer, if known
gender Gender of the developer
role Role of the developer in development of OneShot
links Bullet-point list of links to developer's profiles on other websites

Sample output

{{Infobox dev
|name     = Example developer
|image    = Niko.png
|caption  = Image of the almighty Example developer
|aliases  = Example, Ex
|age      = 100
|location = United States of Example
|gender   = Male
|role     = Programming
|links    =
* [ Twitter]
* [ Tumblr]
* [ GitHub]

See also

Developers for usage examples.

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