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This template is used as an information box on character pages. Articles using this template will automatically get added to Category:Characters.


Parameter Description
name Name of the character. Leave blank if it's the same as page title.
image Images of the character
imagecaption Caption below the image
aliases Character's aliases.
gender Character's gender. If not identified as male or female, use "Ambiguous".
affiliation Character's affiliations.
race Race of the character.
residence The place(s) where the character lives in or used to live in.
appearances The version(s) of the game where the character appears.
mentioned The version(s) of the game where the character is mentioned.

Sample output

{{Infobox character
|name         = Test
|image        = Niko.png
|imagecaption = Niko
|aliases      = Cat
|gender       = Ambiguous
|affiliation  = Pancakes
|race         = Possibly human
|location     = Real world
|appearances  = Original<br>Remake
|mentioned    = Original<br>Remake

See also

Category:Characters for usage examples.

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