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Steam Achievements are a kind of achievement that can be obtained when playing the Steam version of OneShot. Statistics for all achievements can be found here.


Icon Name Description How to Obtain
Bookworm.jpg Bookworm Read books in the library. Interact with all the "glowing" books in the library. This includes the ones at George’s place.
Chaotic Evil.jpg Chaotic Evil "Don't do that!" Interact with the smasher east of the outpost in Barrens with the lightbulb equipped or combine it with the metal rod/crowbar.
Extreme Bartering.jpg Extreme Bartering Exhausting all possibilities, are we? Attempt to trade all of the following with Magpie: lightbulb, strange journal, amber, tube of water, feather, bottle of dye, wool (deny the first trade to get the t-shirt), novelty t-shirt, and seed.
Oneshot.jpg Oneshot Back to its roots. Beat the game without saving by closing manually; i.e. beds only, does not include closing the game at the tower entrance after translating the strange journal.
Pancakes.jpg Pancakes Favorite food. Lead Niko to the café when asked to.
Ram Whisperer.jpg Ram Whisperer Herd rams with ease. Complete the ram herding puzzle without resetting the rams.[1]
Rebirth.jpg Rebirth A sidequest. In the Glen, pick up the seed left by Maize. Go to the research facility at the south-most zone. Inside the rightmost building, there will be two robots. If the one in the middle is talked to, they will give a tube of water. Go to the Refuge, equip the seed, and walk left past the red Guardian NPC at the entrance to Refuge for access to the Garden. Plant the seed in the pot in the center of the garden. Go to Mason's room in the Apartments. If the seed has been planted, he will give dirt. In the surface of Refuge, at the street full of vendors, the leftmost vendor will give you a free sample of a pill. Combine the pill and the tube of water to make medicated water. Go to the garden and give the seed the dirt and medicated water. Finally, choose the “Return the Sun” ending. A regrowing Maize will appear in the credits.
Return.jpg Return N/A Start a new game by deleting the fake save data located in the “Documents/My Games/OneShot” folder.
Secret.jpg Secret ????? Acquire the novelty t-shirt from Magpie in the Glen, by trading the wool but refusing the first offer. In Refuge, there is a ram marking in the back alley. If interacted with while the t-shirt is equipped, it will open a door.
Shock.jpg Shock Not fun. Interact with any generator, Silver’s battery in the lookout point three times, or with the SRAM inside the secret room from the "Secret" achievement.
We Ride at Dawn.jpg We Ride at Dawn Nyooooom Ride the Roomba in the apartments in Refuge.

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