Starting Area

Bedroom (Start)

This is the specific area where Niko wakes up in. A remote and a PC is here.


A withered plant is located here where you can get the dry branch.

Living room

The living room consists of a broken TV, a sofa, an armchair, and a fireplace. After lighting up the fireplace, a key can be found on the floor that can be used to unlock the basement.

After returning from the basement, the Sun can be used to unlock the door at the left end of the room.


The kitchen contains a fridge, a dining table and a sink. The fridge contains a bottle of alcohol, which can be combined with the dry branch found in the bathroom to give a wet branch, and an empty bottle. Interacting with the TV while holding the wet branch will light the branch and make a torch which can be used to light the fireplace.


The Sun is found here. Collecting it plays a cutscene.


Oneshot is a game that has lots of hints of what to do in its world building so this is not the intended way to get through its just for people who are stuck.

  1. Pick up the TV Remote.
  2. Use it on the window to look at it and it shows 4 numbers with random color order.
  3. Walk over to the computer and put those numbers in the order that the computer lists them.
  4. Then the World Machine will talk for a bit then you can go outside.
  5. Pick up the bottle of alcohol.
  6. Go back into the bedroom and go into the bathroom.
  7. Pick up the dry branch from the wilting plant.
  8. Combine the two and use it at the TV to light it.
  9. Use the torch to light the fire place and pick up the basement key.
  10. Going into the basement walk down some stairs and pick up the sun.
  11. Now you can open the door with the light bulb lock.


  • Prophetbot interprets the Starting Area as the "Unfamiliar, Dark Location" the Messiah is expected to wake in.
  • The Prophet predicted that "the messiah will wake up in a dark house". The same vision included "lights from a window and the sound of footsteps on wood floor".
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