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Not to be confused with the music track "Solstice"

On March 27, 2017, a "bonus chapter" was released that affected NG+ runs. In this update, the Solstice chapter and ending is added and previously inaccessible areas (past the mine in the Barrens, the graveyard in the Glen, and the countdown door in Refuge) are made accessible through the use of the journal, with the exception of the countdown door as it uses the password "SOLSTICE" instead of using the journal.

Item blue journal glow.png “[You are going out of bounds.]”
WARNING! The following section contains Solstice spoilers. If you haven't played OneShot nor have done a Solstice run yet or if you wish not to be heavily spoiled, feel free to turn away from this section.

Solstice Chapter

To start the Solstice chapter, the Player should be doing an NG+ run and currently in the Barrens (If the player is in an NG+ run and past the Barrens, they could prematurely reset their run by having Niko sleep in the bed inside the countdown door's room). If the Player lets Niko enter the mines, go to the once-inaccessible area there, and talks to Proto. The Solstice chapter begins and the run is locked onto it (the run can no longer go its normal route).

During the run, significant characters like Silver, Calamus, Alula, and the Lamplighter get caught up in squares. Once accessible areas become inaccessible also because of the squares, restricting the Player to play the path Solstice was intended to. Through the chapter, Niko, Proto, Rue, and Cedric put forth the plan that was intended to gain a happy ending. The chapter concludes with Niko conversing with the World Machine, the sun returning to its rightful place, and Niko returning home.


  • According to Night, Solstice was originally going to be a side-game tied to OneShot. Its focus would be on the Author and his life prior to the events of OneShot.[citation needed]
  • The jingle that plays when collecting items is slowed down for Solstice-exclusive items.
  • In the "About this game" Section of the Steam page, the bolded characters spell out /solstice, which is likely a reference to a page on the game's website.
  • Though you are intended to take the battery from the Glen's generator to fix the flying machine, it is possible to make the Barrens' battery and not plug it in at the generator. If you manage this, Cedric can take it and you can proceed without taking the Glen battery.[1]
    • It is also possible to give Cedric both the Glen battery and the Barrens battery.