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Prophetbot is an un-tamed robot created by The Author. They live in the Barrens and are the first character Niko meets.


The body of Prophetbot is light gray, and they are dressed in a spacious white robe with a red stole. Their head is cubic in shape with a large, black, round eye with a ring of blue phosphor (giving the appearance of an iris), and two red headphones each of which has a floating red antenna. They carry a black staff, at the top of which is a sphere that appears to be filled with blue phosphor.


Prophetbot is not tamed, limiting their emotions and reactions. However, they do appear excited about the prophecy and fulfilling their purpose. They also seem to have caring about Niko when asked about going home, though they may be programmed to say these things. Because Prophetbot is not tamed, he does not feel lonely.

Main Story

At the beginning of the journey, Niko communicates with Prophetbot, asking them questions about the World, the Sun, the computer (or the Player if they are on a second run), and returning home. Speaking to Prophetbot after also gives three more questions: the Barrens, the Tower, and the prophecy. He tells Niko that this world is gradually crumbling, and that they must return the Sun to the Tower in order to save it.

Before Niko gives the amber to the Rowbot, they have the opportunity to say goodbye to Prophetbot and thank them for answering their questions. Prophetbot excitedly responds their purpose is fulfilled and wishes them luck on their journey.

Prophetbot last appears in the Return the Sun ending, in which they are shown looking at the new sun.


Item blue journal glow.png “[You are going out of bounds.]”
WARNING! The following section contains Solstice spoilers. If you haven't played OneShot nor have done a Solstice run yet or if you wish not to be heavily spoiled, feel free to turn away from this section.

The original version of Prophetbot was Prototype, the prophet of the Old World. When the Prophet of the World died, in order to preserve the Prophecy, the Author and Kip's team of scientists decided to recreate Prototype. The design was greatly simplified due to a lack of materials, and Kip's team suggested that taming was a lost cause. As suggested by their name, Prophetbot is the bearer of the Prophecy, and must deliver its message to Niko and inform them about the World.

After creation, Prophetbot was sent to the Outpost in the Barrens. So that he could remain active until the arrival of the Messiah, a special power cell was installed, powered by blue phosphor shrimp. In the Outpost, Prophetbot waited on Messiah to the moment until they arrived. As a result, he fulfills his goal - waiting for the Messiah and telling them everything they need to know initially.

Solstice Update

In the Solstice update, Prophetbot is noticeably confused during the dialogue with Niko because Niko already knew something they couldn’t have known. He is also mentioned by one of the characters of the Solstice update, Proto, citation: “The Prophetbot you saw is only my greatly simplified copy.”


  • Prophetbot's eye contains a ring of blue phosphor, as shown in a diagram from one of The Author's books.
  • Despite their name, Prophetbot is not the Prophet; they were merely programmed to relay information to the Messiah.
  • Prophetbot was only programmed to speak to the Messiah. Due to this, they are unable to talk to anyone else, at least not with ease.
  • Prophetbot is about 5 and a half feet tall (~1.7 meters).[1]
  • Prophetbot's staff is called a wireless signal amplifier by the Author.
  • In the Prophet's house in the Glen, a staff similar to Prophetbot's can be found.