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Niko's mom is a minor character in the game who seems to be the only parent taking care of Niko. She never appears in the game itself but she appears in Niko's dreams. Her name was never revealed in either the original game or the remake nor was it currently disclosed by any of the developers of the game.


Niko frequently mentions their mother in a positive manner, often referencing her pancakes and how much they enjoy them.


Niko's mother has light brown hair which she always seems to keep hair tied in a ponytail. On her head is a white bonnet with folds that looks like cat ears. She also seems to look like Niko, sharing some of their cat-like features.


Niko's mother is shown to be kind, caring and nurturing.


  • Niko's father has 'probably' been working outside of the village since Niko was a toddler.[1]
  • She was originally planned to be a custodian for the children of Niko's village, and all the children would be raised as a group. This was changed, for it would be easier for Niko to explain if she was simply their mother.[2]