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Minor NPCs located in OneShot's Steam release are described here. Minor NPCs fall under characters that made a cameo in OneShot, NPCs that have little relevance to the story (Main or Solstice), and extras that aid in its worldbuilding.

Cameo NPCs

Cameo NPCs are NPCs who belong from different games but made a visual appearance into the game.

Bless You, Rip

Bless You, Rip is an original game made by Nightmargin and GIRakaCHEEZER prior to OneShot.


Luca NPC

Luca is located in the Refuge Library, reading a book in a beanbag chair.


Sheep NPC

Sheep is in the Refuge Library. They are the person on the floor reading a book.


Ysef NPC

Ysef appears in the Library in the Refuge, reading a book. He has white hair and a beige shirt with black pants and shoes. He is very unfriendly towards Niko, and when talked to, he will become frustrated with Niko over them staring at him and reading his book.

Minor NPCs

Minor NPCs are NPCs that play a role in the story, but nothing of major impact or influence to the story's main plot.


Mason overworld

Mason can be found in one of the Apartment rooms. He has a plant head and lives in a room full of plants. If you interact with one of his plants, he will give a brief description of it. If Maize's seed has been placed in the plant pot in the Refuge garden, he will give Niko a bag of soil when asked.


Main Article: Watcher
Watcher overworld

Watcher is in the room before the room with the tape and stapler. They are very cryptic and give you different dialogue depending on the time set on your computer. In the solstice route, they are shown to believe that the countdown room is counting to the end of the world.


Mentioned Characters

Mentioned Characters are simply those who have been mentioned but doesn't make any concretely visual appearance or interactive role in OneShot.


Rachis is Calamus and Alula's father and a former resident of the Glen. When his children were young, he lived with them in the village, but for reasons unknown, moved them to the nearby ruins. In one of the Author's unpublished books, it is mentioned that the Author taught Rachis how to read and the both of them have been meeting with the Prophet regarding the prophecy. Before the Prophet died, she gifted him with one of her glowing yellow feathers, which he intended to pass down as a family heirloom.

Since Calamus states that he and Alula are living in the Ruins alone, it can be assumed that Rachis is no longer living with them. It is unknown what might have happened to him and whether he is alive or dead.


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