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Maize is a powerful plant spirit found within the ruins in the Glen. The guardian of the Glen, but weakened due to the lack of sunlight. She has green skin with plant-like features, blonde hair with long bangs covering her left eye and partially her right eye along with a braid. Her hair has a few leaves and wilted flowers forming a circle around her head, similar to that of a flower crown. She also wears a jade-colored dress that reaches to her knees. When Niko first finds her, she is lying on the floor surrounded by vines which appear to originate from her.


Much of Maize's personality can be assumed from her actions and what's told about her: A kind and protective being with a strong sense of altruism. Even in her weakened state, she guards over the Glen.


Maize was the guardian of the Glen up until the sun died. When this event took place - because she is essentially a plant - her health began deteriorating due to the lack of sunlight. According to Calamus, she went to the ruins and caused vines to block doorways and paths but they disappear after Niko gives her the Sun. Maize asks Niko to give her the Sun so she can feel it one last time. Upon doing so, some of the paths blocked by vines will no longer be blocked. Returning, The Player and Niko find that Maize will have died, leaving a kernel of corn behind.

Item blue journal glow “[You are going out of bounds.]”
WARNING! The following section contains Solstice spoilers. If you haven't played OneShot nor have done a Solstice run yet or if you wish not to be heavily spoiled, feel free to turn away from this section.

During Solstice, she holds the land together with her vines. This causes her to lose much of her strength. When Niko asks if she wants the Sun, she refuses, fearing that the vines might retreat, leaving the land to collapse. When Niko asks if she can repair the broken bridges, she uses the last of her strength to assist Niko on their quest, which kills her.


  • Eliza was the one who created Maize's design.
  • Maize could be a play on the word maiz, which means "corn" in Spanish.
  • Maize was originally going to be male, but it was changed because Eliza "can't draw guys".
  • Accoriding to this post Maize is ancient.
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