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The Lamplighter (or Plight for short, as referenced by file names) is the maintenance worker of Refuge. He's mainly tasked to replace the red phosphor found in Refuge's lights. He is the second character (next to the Red Guardian) that Niko and the Player meet in Refuge. He's an adult with light skin, purple hair with bangs covering his right eye, a faint stubbly beard, and has a maroon eye color. He wears a patched-up violet coat over a cream-colored shirt, a violet newsboy cap that's just as patched-up, dark violet pants and shoes, and is often seen with his lighting stick strapped on his back. He's occasionally seen (mainly in artworks by Nightmargin) wearing a dark violet scarf as well.

His small apartment can be found in the Alley. In his apartment, Niko can find the lenses for the photo booth in a cardboard box.


The Lamplighter has a bit of a nervous and awkward disposition, often trailing off his sentences. He's a bit self-conscious, and startles easily. He is also very dedicated to his job.


  • Nightmargin mentioned in a stream that Plight is the "designated comic relief character" (further enforced from these doodles she drew)
  • There is a scene in the Solstice update where Plight nearly swears in front of Niko out of surprise, but he says "fudge" instead, with a pause between the "f" and the rest of the word. This gag is referenced in these stream drawings made by Night.
  • He is said to be in his mid to late 20s.
  • Plight never finished high school.
  • Nightmargin stated in a stream that she is thinking of naming him Sebastion. It is unknown if this has come to fruition.