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Kip Silverpoint is a scientist in charge of making robots in the factory. She's an adult with fair skin, bright red hair tied up in a messy ponytail, and what appears to be red eye color underneath the blue goggles she wears. She also wears a pink apron over a black outfit, blue-gray gloves, and blue-gray boots. Kip is stated by Niko to look similar to Silver, who was modeled after her.


Kip is the scientist who built Silver as an attempt to make a tamed robot, but failed due to many issues in the code. Eventually, she lost hope in Silver even after The Author had stabilized her. Kip still sends letters to Silver in attempt to keep contact.


Kip is a lively and eccentric individual who enjoys making jokes and is shown to have enough energy to constantly keep working, as pointed out by one of the workers in the factory. Kip is also generous, letting Niko take her library card to progress further in their adventure, as well as one of her bottles of glitter glue. Kip is devoted to her work, to the point where she doesn't go outside or get to see much of the world because she spends all her time building robots.


  • Kip describes herself as the world's leading researcher.
  • Kip has an affinity for glitter, owning many bottles of glitter glue and explaining it by saying "Never know when you need to glitter things up, right?"
  • She is said to be in her mid to late 30s.