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WARNING! The following section contains Solstice spoilers. If you haven't played OneShot nor have done a Solstice run yet or if you wish not to be heavily spoiled, feel free to turn away from this section.

Cedric is The Author's son. He helps Niko go from the Glen to the Refuge with the flying machine. He has white hair, a black hat with a feather on the left side, a pair of goggles with green lenses over his eyes and a smaller pair wrapped around his hat.


He, Prototype, Rue, and the Author were all "real people", in that they all lived in the Old World. After the Old World ended, they were all saved as code in The World. During Solstice, it's also shown that he's a pilot and a mechanic, flying Niko to Refuge and being able to fix the flying machine using components from a music box made by the Author.


Cedric is intelligent and often speaks in a formal manner. It's also shown that he has bravery when he jumped off of a ledge and parachuted down Refuge, and risked his life to bring Prototype back by heading into the unstable factory. He deeply cares about Rue and Prototype.


  • The name was first discovered as a leak in the OneShot Discord server's datamining channel.
    • GIR jokingly stated that the character's true name was Gliko/Bliko and that the leaked name Cedric was just a placeholder.
  • It is speculated that he and Rue are robots. This is due to the fact that if Niko talks to Proto before speaking to anyone else, Niko asks Proto what it's like being a robot, however Cedric and Rue also respond to Niko's question.
    • This is further reinforced by this tweet by Nightmargin.
  • According to Nightmargin, Cedric's age is around 16-17 but he appears younger than that.[citation needed]
  • Cedric was originally supposed to be an archaeologist that would translate the strange journal, but that idea was scrapped in favor of the current one.[1]