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Alula is one of two children residing in the Ruins, the other being her older brother, Calamus. She's a child with tan skin, long, mildly curly dark blue hair resembling a bird's face (eyes and beak) casting a shadow over the top half of her face, wide elliptical white eyes visible from the shadow. Two blue feathers stick out from above the beak. She wears a long shirt with patterns similar to that of a poncho and bears the symbol of the Sun. Much like other Bird People, her arms are covered with feathers, her hands appear to be gloved, and she has bird legs.


Alula is a cheerful young girl, often being very calm and positive in most situations as well as making many jokes, in contrast to her brother's timid and concerned nature.


Not much is known about her background except regarding her family. Her father, Rachis, was friends with the Author, but then became absent for unknown reasons. Calamus, Alula, and their mother lived in the ruins for a time. When their mother passed away, Calamus took the responsibility to look after Alula.


  • Alula was given a fox plush on Solstice Day by The Author.
    • The fox plush's name is Ruby.
    • When interacting with the plush, Alula states that The Author has a fox that can talk. The fox mentioned is likely Rue.
  • Alula's name may come from the term in zoology which refers to a group of three to six small, stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing. This word is pronounced "al-yoo-luh."[1]
  • According to Nightmargin, Alula is younger than Niko.[2]
  • Alula doesn’t know what a fire is.[3]


  1. Also called bastard wing, spurious wing. the group of three to six small, rather stiff feathers growing on the first digit, pollex, or thumb of a bird's wing. -
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